New Orders Closed

New orders are closed at this time.There is no time table of when or if new orders will be available, and there is no mailing list.   When new orders are available, it is at a first come first serve basis.Don't ask for us to make an exception for you, as your request will always be denied.We apologize for any inconveniences.   Read More »

4th Jul 2019
EPG Fixed

We are proud to announce that the EPG has been fixed. Please refresh your channels and guide. Thanks again for your patience while this was being fixed.

16th May 2019

There is another website posing as us online at (NOT OUR WEBSITE)This is not us, so please do not get scammed by this website.The only option for payment is either through PayPal or Bitcoin, they do not accept credit card payments directly, this is step number one that this is a scam.If you make a purchase through the scam ... Read More »

24th Apr 2019
Package Upgrades

From now on package upgrades can only be done when new sales are open.

17th Mar 2019
EPL/UEFA Take Down

All sports channels showing UK EPL & UEFA games had to be removed or stopped during game play due to infringement letters from the broadcasters. This has occurred due to customers leaking their lines, which have been found by Sky, UEFA UK, and EPL. To keep Area 51 alive, we have had to comply. We apologize for any inconveniences.

1st Mar 2019
Price Change

It is a new year and new change is coming.The cost to provide you our great service has increased, so we are put in the unfortunate position to have to raise prices for new customers.*The price for all products and services has increased by $2 a month. For example, our monthly subscription used to cost $5 month and extra connections were $4 a ... Read More »

1st Jan 2019
Welcome to Area-51

Thank you for chosing Area-51.Get familar with your client area, take a look around.Your client area is where you can always find your login details, along with any emails that have been sent to you from us.Make sure to always check back for updated announcements.Want 24/7 chat? Join our discord server by submitting a ticket asking how to join. Read More »

27th Nov 2017